Smart trainer raw data issue

I apologize for having no clue in which category i should post this, but really hope that the experience here can help me out.

I have my own app for structured training and data monitoring. I just implemented the Bluetooth Power protocol to receive power data from my Wahoo Kickr Core.
Somehow the raw power data includes spikes of over 2000 watts, while riding steady. It usually spikes that high after reporting 0 first, even when i was not coasting. And yes, i did perform a spin down.

Today I did a Rouvy route and the average power reported by Rouvy was a whopping 70 watts lower than just averaging the raw data.

Does anybody know what kind of post-processing apps like Rouvy perform? I tried the classic 3s average, up to 15s average but that doesn’t solve it, because the spikes are so high.

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Do you have an account with
You can specify the % power spike you with to apply and it will remove the spike by that %.

Below is an examplex

1 Like also allows you to remove spikes, above a certain value.

Thanks. Is that 30% above…ftp/ 5s average / something else?

It looks at your power profile, and looks for a spike that is above 30% and takes the value above 30% out.

Pressing/Clicking on the pencil brings up the screen (below) where you can set you power spike value.

That is quite ingenious. Thanks for sharing.

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There’s a good resource here to help with getting to know better.


Meanwhile I also received a response from Wahoo support, saying that I need to apply ‘smoothing’ just like any other app. They did not advise the smoothing method.

If you’re on iOS, you can try this app.
It syncs directly with workout builder, so the plan of the day shows up on the app.

It allows full control of your trainer, including smoothing the power (3s,

Another great suggestion.
I just started with the smart trainer. This app seems practical for target oriented training. I like Rouvy so far because of the immersion. It still is boring without it. And Netflix doesn’t cut it during intervals.
In the background I run sport coach to tell me how fast to go over the Rouvy route for my intended training.

So for targeting and monitor I use Sport Coach (Android only). Pretty much the same as all modern apps with regard to structured workout creation. Big difference is that the sections of the training are spoken out load. The same goes for ‘stay in your zone’-kind-of-warnings. Works better for speed skating than holding-up a head-unit :slight_smile:

Since I own that app, i just implemented a power smoothing algorithm. Big word for:
“If power > 2000 watts, take 3s average instead.
If power < 2000 watts but 3 times larger than 3s average, take 3s average”.

And the result after an easy spin:

  • 0.1 watt difference in average power compared to Polar (vantage M) in a 50 minute ride :slight_smile:
  • 20 watt difference in average power compared to Rouvy, but the exact same max power.
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