Favourite features on Intervals.icu

I’ve just finished watching @ryan 's video of The Most Powerful Features of Intervals.icu.

As it’s dated Jun 28th, a lot has been added since the video was published, and I thought I’d add to Ryan’s good work, for some features not covered and my favourites.

Calendar Page
Ryan didn’t touch on the future workouts on the calendar. I’ve dragged a few workouts onto my “dummy profile” to show the effect it does to the fitness chart page.

Workout Library
I like to save all my workouts in the workout folder. I even added the 4x8 and 5x5 workouts that were published/shared recently. The files can be imported as ZWO, MRC and ERG formats. This means I don’t need to recreate the workout unless it’s a FIT file format.

Workout Page
There is now an option for custom charts, which includes overlaying more than one graph instead of looking at each graph in a stacked view. Below is an example of my custom chart with HR, 30s Power, W’bal and Altitude (not showing because it was in stationary mode, i.e. no GPS).

As simple as adding the Chart, then clicking on the graph name, eg. 30s Power and it brings the pop up menu to add more data.

Another key point that Ryan mentioned, was the manually add intervals if one was missing. This can also be done if your workout was based on set workouts. Click on Actions at the bottom of the screen/page and select Use Laps which then automatically adds intervals as per the planned workout. It doesn’t work well when the intervals are based on pressing the lap button to start the next interval.

Fitness Page
Pretty much everything covered by Ryan, except that I included Notes on the fitness page. In this case it was the various levels of lockdown we had, as well as holidays and the Rapha500 in December 2020. The notes are added in the Options menu.

The purple Load graph now also includes a Target Load on the same graph, so if you plan based on TSS then you can see your actual completed TSS vs planned TSS. I don’t worry too much on TSS but rather on doing easy or hard workouts. The TSS is merely a number based on each session.


@geraldm24, thank you for those additions! As you said, that original workshop was dated in June, and intervals.icu has really come a long way. I like that application more and more with every update.

Thanks for outlining these additional benefits, and it’s great to see how you are utilizing it for your coaching.