Forum Access Change for Listener Members

Members of Fast Talk Labs,

We’ve been delighted to see enthusiasm for this Forum!

On December 8th, we announced that the Forum would close to Listener Members and remain open only to Library and Live Members. You may have noticed that has not yet happened!

Your active use of the Forum has inspired us to change direction: We will keep several Forum categories open for Listener Members. Library and Live Members will continue to enjoy full Forum access.

Over the next few days, Listener Members will see most Forum categories lock. We invite Listeners to upgrade to Library membership to continue enjoying full Forum access!

Beginning next week, Listener Members will continue to enjoy access to these Forum categories:

New Forum Features
Accompanying this change in access, all members will begin to see some exciting changes to our Forum. For example, members will see new Forum topics created in the Podcasts category as each new podcast episode releases so that episode listeners can more easily discuss the topics and ask follow-up questions. Whenever possible, we will include episode guests in those conversations.

It is our hope that making these new connections between the content on and the Forum will make your membership even more vibrant and useful.

Thanks again for using the Fast Talk Labs Forum! You are making this the smartest forum in endurance sports.