Live & Library Members: Having Any Forum Access Issues?

Hello members,

As announced on January 7th, we have changed Forum access to give Listener Members permanent, limited access to our Forum instead of the temporary access that we had previously announced.

Listener Members should now be able to see, post, and reply in these Forum Categories:

  • Podcasts
  • Beginners & Basic Tips
  • Announcements & Previews

Library and Live Members should be able to see, post, and reply in all our Forum categories including: Announcements & Previews Guidelines & Resources, Podcasts, Training Concepts, Physiology, Nutrition, Workout Lab, Health & Recovery, Beginners & Basic Tips, Races/Rides/Runs, Skills & Technique, and Gear & Tech.

If you are a Library or Live Member and you cannot see any of the categories above, please reply to this topic to let us know or email our member support address which is

And, as always, we encourage Listener Members to unlock full Forum access by upgrading membership.

Thanks and enjoy!

Dave Trendler
Chief Marketing Officer
Fast Talk Laboratories