Widening gap between LT1 and LT2


I just did my first lactate curve test. I have a relatively high LT1 but the gap between LT1 and LT2 is small. Does anyone know the best way to widen this gap?

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Why would you want to do that?

My race pace is between the two thresholds so I want to increase the time I have before I go above Lactate Threshold.

can you share the wattage/heart rate/lactate data from the test? fit file also if you have it


Just to ensure we understand you correctly: Is your actual race pace between the two thresholds, or your desired / required race pace between the thresholds?

The first case would be perfect.
The second would mean that we need to understand where you are right now to give proper advice.

Hi Steve,

I don’t have a fit file but here is the data from the test. LT1 is between 260 (HR 134bpm) and 290w (probably closer to 260w) with LT2 320w (154bpm) or just higher.

Thanks for coming back to me I really appreciate it!

My actual race pace starts below LT1 but once I go above it I quickly go above LT2 as my zone in between them is quite small. I’m happy with the relatively high LT1 but I would like to raise my LT2 so it gets closer to Vo2max.

was this test done to failure?

did you do a 4-6m time trial around the same time of this test?

Also, what sport are you competing in?

I should wait for your answers to Steve’s questions, but based on your table it indeed looks like a great ratio between aerobic and anaerobic for an endurance event.
You can improve your maximum power by doing sprint training. I would recommend that over longer intervals to ensure you can work on maintaining / extending your aerobic base.
For example:
Do a ride in zone 2 or 3 (out of 5) including a 30 second all-out sprint every 10 minutes. Take no longer rest than needed to get your HR back in zone 3.
Go for as long as you would do in any endurance ride. As soon as you can handle this, repeat but try to extend the total duration of the training.


Hi Steve,

I didn’t go to complete failure (I’ve hit 190bpm on latest FTP test) but I was in the red zone.

I didn’t do 4-6min time trial no. My maximum 20min power in December was 350w.

I’m a middle distance 70.3 Triathlete.

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Thank you I really appreciate the detailed answer I will definitely try that!

I would try and work in a 5m TT or a 3m step test to absolute failure.

I would like to compare the LT1/LT2 to this number.

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