What's Coming: Week of Dec 28, 2020

Happy holiday week, Fast Talk Labs members!

Here’s what to look forward to this week.

Fast Talk Episode 144: The Best of 2020
We bring you our favorite conversations with exceptional guests from the worlds of physiology, medicine, nutrition, sports psychology, and, of course, cycling.

Cycling in Alignment: No episode this week while Colby and our producer Jana take a well-deserved holiday break!

The Lactic Acid Myth
Article by Trevor Connor
There is no lactic acid in the human body. That said, the burn we feel during hard efforts has a lot to do with acid. We explain.

Coach’s Corner: How to Tell If Your Legs Are Ready for a Workout
Coach Ryan Kohler and Coach Trevor Connor dissect training data to help you understand how to look for signs of freshness before any interval session.

Q&A on Nutrition for Long Rides, the Hour Record, and Strength & Conditioning at Home
Recording of last week’s Live Q&A Session
Ryan, Trevor, and Chris field questions on nutrition, strength training at home, the Hour Record, plyometrics, and more.

Power, Physiology, Perception: Integrating the Holy Feedback Trinity
Webinar from Dr. Stephen Seiler.
Dr. Seiler shares the “holy trinity” of training feedback in this live presentation at a rowing conference.

This Week’s Events

Live Members, please register a day in advance.

Freestyle Workout on Zwift + Zoom
Tuesday, 12/29 at noon Mountain Time
Happy Holidays! Join us for a “freestyle” ride on Zwift in place of the usual structured workout. Ryan and Trevor will lead a Zwift meetup ride with an unstructured workout and leave Zoom open for Q&A/discussion during it.

Rapha Festive 500 Strava Challenge: 500km between Christmas and New Year’s Eve
Wednesday 12/30 at 7:00 a.m. Mountain Time
Log some miles with Coach Ryan Kohler during the holiday week! This is an open invitation for all Fast Talk Laboratories members — Listener, Library, and Live. The goal will be to just accumulate some miles toward that 500km goal. Let’s log some miles together! Register to join us. More info on the Forum.

Live Q&A Session with Coaches Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor
Monday, 1/4 at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time
Ask your first questions of 2021! Ryan and Trevor will take your live questions and do a deep dive on a few questions that have been getting attention on the forum: How to fuel differently for long rides vs. short, high intensity; questions on the 100 grams/hour of carbohydrate; and how to weight train when the gym is closed.

Sweet Spot 5×7 Minute Intervals
Tuesday, 1/5 at noon Mountain Time
Join Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Coach Trevor Connor for this structured workout. Our goal will be to promote aerobic development by putting in some efforts closer to threshold. We will focus on controlling heart rate and managing effort with a focus on breathing and cadence. This workout builds on the previous weeks of tempo and lower cadence riding, but anyone can benefit from this structured workout. If you use a smart trainer, feel free to download/install the workout files.