Rapha Festive 500

Ok FTL members, who is doing the Rapha Festive 500 challenge this year?

This is the first year I believe they are allowing virtual rides to count toward your distance goal. I have never completed this one in past years, but have the urge to get it done this year. Maybe it’s the lack of pandemic racing and the desire to have a challenge on the horizon, but I think this is the year to have some fun with a challenge.

So if you’d like to join FTL, I will be putting out 2 Zwift meetup rides during that time where the goal will be to just accumulate some miles toward that 500km goal. Hopefully we can all find a mix of outdoor riding and indoor riding to get a balance. But if not, we can at least connect as a community on Zwift and log some of those miles together!

The plan now is to ride on Sunday and Wednesday, both on Zwift. See the sign-up link below for exact times (mountain time zone). Also, if you would like to join the meetup, please be sure to follow me on Zwift at Ryan Kohler [DIRT][FastTalkLabs].

Sign up on our site here!

Coach Ryan

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I’ve always wanted to do this challenge as well, but never have really given it a shot. (Usually I’m just coming off of 'cross season this time of year…)

Sadly, I’ll miss it again this year—at least the Zwift rides—since I’ll be traveling to the desert with family. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t do it all in one day…

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This is a great Zwift experience this morning! I listen to FastTalk a lot (I will even re-listen to episodes I’ve listened to in the past) while doing “Trainer Time”. It was great to be connected and hearing the same voices in conversation telling stories while climbing Alpe Du Zwift…except usually when I talk out loud to the talking they would answer back :slight_smile: Thanks for doing this. It was a lot of fun. I never would have done Alp du Zwift on my own. I recommend to others. Hope to Zwift again Wednesday!

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That was overall a really fun ride today, except for nobody telling me about AdZ being the finale! It was also by far the longest indoor ride I’ve done, but the banter, perfect pace, and company made the time go much faster. It actually really felt as if I was on a good group ride! Looking forward to joining again on Wednesday!


I just saw this through my feed. Seems like the internet was listening to the group chatter

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