Volume vs Intensity Responders

In the podcast interview with Alan Couzens, he briefly mentioned volume vs intensity responders. I tracked down more info on this topic on his website, but I think this would be a great topic to dig in to on a dedicated podcast. The topic hit home with me. I have had some great race results shortly after a big intensity load and never put two and two together until I was introduced to this topic. I would love to hear more about it in the future.

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Thanks, it’s on the list!


I was listening to another podcast, today, featuring Tim Cusick. As a long time user of WKO, I was intrigued with his comment on being able to use WKO’s tools to shorten the time it takes to see responses to volume or intensity. I think I know, and @robpickels you know my desire to learn as much as possible, and know that it’s “valid”.

If this is something you’re able to include in your podcast about volume vs intensity, it would be highly appreciated.

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Great topic suggestion! Thanks

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