Ultra endurance climbing ride

I am about to start training seriously for an event that I have done previously three times. It is the peaks challenge event in Victoria Australia. 235km -4200m climbing. It is essentially 3 big climbs
Towonga 7.5km 6.3% 493m EG, Hotham 30k 4.2% 1300m, Back of Falls 22k 4.2% 980m climbed.

I am lucky enough to have all the cycling toys I think I need power meter, indoor, good weather, nutrition, time, supportive partner etc.

Usually I have used “FTP” as a metric and I am aware of the shortcomings etc. For an event that is taking hopefully 9hrs but previously 9:55s. Will all training that raises my best 20minue power equally to what I need in this event which is a 30 minute climb after 45 minutes of descending, a 90min - 2hr climb from hours 2-4 and a 90min - 120 min climb starting at hour 7.5?

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Focus on fatigue resistance- this is more power for longer durations when fatigued already. Do intervals at the end of a long ride vs in the beginning, do intervals with a hard start to “spike or induce” lactate sooner, then settle into your interval. On those climbs coming when they do in the ride you want to focus on longer sub threshold efforts in training (85-88% FTP). Even developing tempo of (80-85% FTP) for long periods of 45M-90M will have huge benefits when climbing. Hope this helps…

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