Training the last week before race

Last year, when I couldn‘t ride because of a broken collarbone, I started running again. When I got back to cycling, I was surprised how well I had maintained my fitness.

Next summer I will be working abroad the last week before Nationals (Road race). I have two options, run or try to find a hotel with a fitness bike. My question is, does it really matter? I’m aiming for 2-3 sessions and my ATP for the week is 5:45 (speed skills, endurance).


If your training plan has been executed correctly you are well within the 2 week window where what you do week of is not going to show up and improve perfromace on race day. However, if you over do it fatigue will show up and affect performance. I coach race week as staying in training rhythm and keeping “sharp”. Overall volume and intesity decreases and usually the last intensity comes by Thursday, often landing on Tues/Wed. I would avoid new movements if you have not been doign them all during the regular trianing plan. IE DO NOT run week of while abroad if you have not been doing so while stateside, this will wreck you metabolically and you will feel it race day. I would just keep it simple, stay active and get on hotel bike. The speed skills are easy to do on hotel bike and I often prescribe short hard to max efforts of 30sec. 2-3 sets of 5-8 30 sec intervals. Other rides can be done via HR keeping HR below 75% max HR for 60-90M.

Happy Training

Thanks for the advice Fpike. Yes, I’m not sure if will be able to include running in my training the weeks leading up to the race, so probably good idea to not overdo it. Last week I did some running for the first time in weeks and I was pretty soar for 4 days. I’ll check out hotels with gyms and try to mix endurance with sprints. Cheers!