Supplements: beet root and L-glutamine

Is there enough evidence to support using beet root extracts to support performance? The makers of “ALTRED” feel the active ingredient is betalains, rather than nitrites. I’m curious for an opinion from a non-biased expert.

A previous podcast referenced L-glutamine supplementation. If an athlete has a health diet full of various protein sources, is there any reason to use this? Maybe during a multi-day stage race or overreach week?

I remember listening to scientific triathlon podcast (I can’t remember hearing about this on fastalk) where they talked about the things that were proved to improve training… Nitrates, caffeine, sodium biocarb and beta alanine were it. This came from research from the IOC. ~400mg was about the amount of nitrates needed … And I don’t remember seeing the value from altred. So if you wanted a nitrate supplement choose one that lists the nitrate content (the two I’ve found were beet-it and pure clean performance),of%20benefits%20for%20athletes%3A%20creatine.

@trevor did a podcast on this a few years ago, might give some insight

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Nitrates from beetroot are pretty established as enhancing performance. Betalain and L-glutamine I’m not as familiar with, but I’m not an expert.

Two review papers published this past year look at supplements and nutritional interventions effects on acute performance and importantly also on adaptations to training and performance outcomes. First paper is freely available. Definitely worth a read. I’ll attach the primary figure from the second paper. Betalains and L-glutamine are not reviewed in either.


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