Sign Up for Nutrition Webinar Coming Thursday 11/5!

Hello, Fast Talk Labs forum users!

Live Members are invited to attend Head Coach Ryan Kohler’s upcoming live nutrition webinar to be held this Thursday.

How to Start Monitoring Your Nutrition: A Simple, App-Powered, 3-Day Approach

Thursday, November 5th at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time
1 hour

There are tons of nutrition apps out there, and navigating them can be confusing. Some leave everything up to the user, while others are more automated. This webinar will go through Coach Ryan’s preferred free app where he will discuss how to enter the data, make the best use of your time, and what you can do with the data when you’re done. Walk away knowing why (or why not) to log your intake at times, what the risks and benefits are, and how to accomplish this, at times, daunting task. Register now!

If you were able to join the nutrition webinar, submit any questions or additional comments here. We posted a poll at the end - are you likely to use a nutrition app to log your food at all now that you’ve seen some of the arguments for and against it?

We reviewed some of the commonly reported issues and successes too.
What are some of your common hurdles with these apps?
What kind of successes have you experienced so far?

Coach Ryan

Live Members can view the recording of this Live Webinar here: How to Start Monitoring Your Nutrition.