Sharing WKO charts

I would love to see @trevor share some of his favorite WKO chart files. For example, I watched the “How Steady Should Your Long Slow Distance (LSD) Rides Be?” video and liked his “Ride Overview” chart that showed heart rate with color coding for the different zones. This is of particular interest to me due to my heart issues.

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HI @badticker17, sorry to take so long to get back to you. I tried uploading the files to our forum a couple weeks ago, but it doesn’t allow them for security reasons. I’ve been trying to find a “non-cluncky” way to share, but no luck.

So, forgive the clunckiness but here’s a shared folder with two of my favorite workout charts (including the one you mentioned.) The link expires, mid-June, so make sure you download soon:

Again, sorry to be slow, but thanks for the message! I have over 100 charts, so I’d say if you see me using others in a presentations that you’d like, tag me in this forum and I’ll send them.

Also, with both of these graphs, keep in mind, I’m sending you the generic version where the ranges/zones are based on percentages.) I hardcode the ranges for my athletes once I know their numbers.

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Thanks so much for the charts-no worries about the delay.
I want to say THANKS for all the great content you guys are putting out. I’m coming back (again) from a health issue and relied heavily on information from the Fast Talk podcast during the off season. It was reassuring to know that when I was unable to ride at high intensity that the (polarized/ @stephen.seiler ) Z1 rides were beneficial. My riding buddies have noticed a big improvement in my fitness this spring and I’m starting to feel like a cyclist again.

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Hi @badticker17,

Really glad we’ve been able to help! Having come back from health issues myself, I’m very sympathetic for what you’re going through. I’m really glad you’re sticking with it and already seeing improvements! Keep us updated!


Hey @trevor,
I would like to download that Ride Overview WKO chart but here it says link has expired.
Could you share it again?
Thanks a lot!

Sorry about that @vdude69. It looks like I have to have a password or an expiration date on any folders that I share. He’s an updated share link:

The password is WorkoutFiles

Thanks a lot @trevor,
really appreciate this!

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