Re: Dr. Seiler's video on short stack intervals - when would you do these?

Watching the videos, Dr. Seiler gives a great description of what works well and how to do them (eg 2 sets 8 min 30:15), but when during the year or training block should you do these? Is this a all year round type thing, tossed in maybe 1x a month during the base season, or should these be done only when trying to peak?

Hey Tom, great question on those short stacks. You can certainly include them here and there during your base season. They will help to break up some of the training and will actually complement your aerobic work as you’ll end up averaging a HR right around threshold during the sets.

Of course, they are great for helping prepare for a peak as well. 20/10s are some of my favorite sessions to get ready for MTB races and work on repeated accelerations.

Coach Ryan