Raising VT1/LT1

Hello all,

I recently did an incremental VO2Max test on a treadmill with gas exchange measurements only (no lactate).
My VT1 is at a low % of VO2Max, while VT2 is quite good. I’m wondering what your thought on my physio values are, and what would you recommend in term of training to increase VT1.

VT1: 56% VO2 max, 60% MAS, 125bpm
VT2: 81% VO2 max, 75% 156bpm
HRmax (test): 173
VO2 max: 72,2ml/kg/min
HR Rest: 33bpm
HR max (true, peak at then of races like 10km or 30TT): 178bpm

Before and during 10 months prior to the test, I had a polarized approach with 6/7 LIT sessions around 115bpm (so 10bpm below VT1), in addition to 1 to 2 HIT sessions (e.g. 4x8’, 6x6’, 3x10’, etc.) around VT2, never between.

Thanks for your help,

Alexis -

To be honest, I think that you are on the right path with your training.
Your VO2max of 72ml/kg/min is quite strong!

I think the most obvious change is to push your Zone 1 heart rate a bit closer to your VT1 heart rate. I personally do not like to train right at the top of the zone, but I think that you can raise your target by 5 bpm and likely see some gains.

I think that you could also go through a block of training looking to increase Time at greater than 90% Vo2max as your VT2 is approaching the upper-limit of VO2max. If you’re able to push VO2max a bit further out, then you can likely move your VT2 a bit higher as well.

Thank you Rob :slight_smile:

Your pieces of advice make a lot of sense.

Also, I’ve looked for a 2012 VO2 Max test, good old times when I was super fit and well-trained.
VO2 Max was 83,7ml/kg/min, with VT1 at 67%, and VT2 at 93% of VO2Max.

There is still room for improvement, just need to be patient and consistent :sweat_smile:

Despite that VO2max being ~10 years ago (and maybe a few kilograms) it seems like you have room to improve, which I think means solid focus on the upper end of super-threshold work.

Do you have the “absolute” vo2 numbers (in Liters / Min) from both tests? That’ll be easier to compare than the relative (ml/kg/min)

Yep. V02 was 4.44L/min in 2012 and 3,61L/min in 2023.

It is worth mentioning I totally stopped training from 2014 to Feb 2022 :worried: and also lost some (lean) mass