Question for Episode 203

To Fasttalk crew: Thank you for taking to time to include not just one but two of my questions in this episode. Most of the comments were very useful, but one of them was puzzling. I suppose I did not clearly state the conditions of my rides. I am trying to clarify my question that would correct the impression that that Trevor had that I rode 20 hrs at lactate threshold. So, the average power level for majority of my 100 hr rides are done substantially under my aerobic threshold. But, (Perhaps because I am a really bad cyclist) whenever the gradient turns north of 8% I am riding close to my lactate threshold. This threshold effort can last for few minutes or can last for 30 minutes depending on the road conditions. (In my current state) So, the context for my question dealt with the inevitable experience of having to ride multiple (numerous) short threshold events during a long ride. Some are separated by a long descent so I can rest, others are one after an other. The most obvious solution is to increase my aerobic threshold so I never approach the lactate threshold, (or do all my riding in Florida) but until I get there I need to become more resilient. So, Trevor, with this clarification, are you advocating that I try to increase my aerobic threshold to a level where I can stay below aerobic threshold the entire 100 hr duration (minus the sleep time) regardless of grade? Again, thank you for including my questions in your podcast. Vlad.