Polarised training for wind instruments


Apart from trying to apply polarised training for running (amateur, 62 years old, various chronic afflictions), I also am interested in how to apply the concept in playing a wind instrument. In my case that would be the (bass) trombone.
Some differences with e.g. running are:

  • only a small amout of muscle is involved: only facial (especially lip) and respiratory.
  • respiration is not aimed at oxygen requirement but at air throughput.
  • There is probably no impact on oxigen pathways, so everyting on the system level is done in zone 1. Individual muscles may be taxed in zone 3.

Is there some knowledge available?



Hi @henkvangansewinkel I think that if you were to do respiratory training you could look into a training model.

I look at respiratory limiters and the athlete’s current situation, tidal volume, respiratory frequency, minute volume. Depending on where strengths and weaknesses are I think create a respiratory training plan to improve and maintain these.

If you send me an email to steve at stevenealperformance dot com I can share a little more information that I am not quite ready to post just yet, but it may be very interesting for you.

Hi Steve,

This sounds interesting, but what I am actually looking for first is the best way to train my facial muscles, especially lip muscles and surrounding tissue. That also because of the fact that I have dystonia.
After that more emphasis on respiration muscles may be a good way to go.



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