On/Off vs steady state intervals

I train exclusively indoors, for Time Trials
My racing power is currently about 320W

To get past the monotony of indoor training I decided to do the following 2 x per week
400w 1min 150w 1min repeat for 23 intervals, as that is all I have time for.
The NP was 330w for 43min
I would the weather permitting do a road session on a Saturday, 2 x 20min mostly.

I was able to TT at 320w for 30min

any thoughts on this approach??


Sound like a nice approach. Are you sore after such an interval training?
If not → push harder on the intervals (more watts)
Over time you can increase the wattage in both the on and off parts.

I am, roller and recovery drink helps.
I started at 350w and increased 5w every week, until it got harder, then 5 w every 2 weeks.

Mon, wed and fri were very easy days, 1hr at 150w

Interested in how you came up with this session? Why 23 reps and do you divide them into sets with a longer break, or just do them 23 reps back to back?


I find it quite surprising that in order to break monotony you decided to plan yourself a couple of weeks of that kind of workouts, instead of doing at least different types of high-intensity work. To be precise - a more typical way of dealing with 3 quality sessions a week would be to do one sprint type of workout, one high-intensity interval workout and tempo ride workout. That would surely keep you out of monotony.

But speaking of your approach specifically - to get yourself ready for a TT race you should (as it’s suggested above) try to do separate blocks of intervals, instead of a dull 23 x 60/60 sec. That would let you ride with more power for longer durations. Let’s say you can change your approach to 2 times (2x4 minutes / 2 min easy) with 5 minutes between sets. That will let you accumulate lactate and move VO2max power, which is crucial at TT races.