Olympic skating intensity distribution over 4 decades

from a post by I. San Millán: He added: *"This pattern is what we see in most sports including other high intensity sports like rowing or swimming. *

He also said, " High glycolytic training is extremely important & key to success. Unfortunately, many are confused and think that everything is about training low & slow"*

Olympic-level speed skating zone distribution changes over time.

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Yes - aerobic base development is key, but don’t disregard HIIT. If I’m reading the graph correctly, it shows the realization of aerobic base development importance over the years. To bring us closer to present day, this account of 5k and 10k record holder Nils van der Poel’s training is phenomenal. Its deep but even just reading his forward is inspiring (to me). As a side note, Nils can ride with just about anyone in the TdF peloton.