Mid-summer return to base/volume?

I am currently doing a 8-10 week training block that includes intensity and race-specific intervals after getting in a good aerobic base this winter. I have one race that I care about at the end of June, and then my next and only “A race” isn’t until October 1st. I was thinking my fitness might benefit most from finishing out June with intensity, then going back to a high volume-focused plan for all of July, and then doing another 8-week build/intensity block in August and September. Does this make more sense physiologically than just continuing with intensity all summer?

You should listen to today’s podcast, ep. 218 Potluck Discussion. They discuss this very question toward the end of the pod.

Thanks! That’s funny, I listened to the first part this morning, and then got distracted with work and didn’t finish it.

From the episode the answer is… They agree it makes sense to slow down some rather than try and maintain peak fitness the whole time.

However, the part that is dependent on you is… If you peak fast, then you may not need the full 8 wk build/intensity.

Ill be doing something similar. I’ll probably do a mini peak in June (i only need ~3wk to peak), then I’ll slow down until Sept from there I’ll peak again for my annual hill climb the first week of October (that last year I finally conquered https://forums.fasttalklabs.com/t/my-n1-challenge-7-years-in-the-making/ )

From there I’ll move from speed to endurance for a half ironman I have the first weekend of December. So I’ll be effectively switching to big volume+z2 work then a couple weeks prior start dropping volume and focus more on that sub threshold and tempo / fatigue resistance work.


When was the last time you took any time away from the bike?

I personally like a little mid-season “transition” and have found my athletes refreshed after taking a few days off the bike and a few days of either easy or “fun” riding - in other words, a week away from structure.

Usually after the transition, I’ll reintroduce some base work depending on how much time we have, then do another intensity block before the second racing period.

So you might do your late June race, take a week, then 6 weeks of base and 6 weeks of intensity.

Yes this is a good thought. I had considered taking a week off from structured training as well. Thanks for the encouragement!