Listeners: Join the Fast Talk Laboratories N1 Challenge! (Fast Talk Episode 147)

In Fast Talk Episode 147: What 2020 Taught Us and the Exciting Places 2021 Will Take Us, Trevor, Ryan Kohler, Jana Martin, and I each highlighted the big event we plan to target this year:

  • Trevor wants to prove he can still race at a high level now that his racing license says 5-0!
  • Ryan wants to test himself at Breck Epic, a six-day MTB stage race.
  • New to the sport, Jana has chosen to attempt her first gravel race.
  • And I’ve decided there’s no better way to spend my vacation than riding 2,500 kilometers along the western coast of Ireland in my first bikepacking race.

We are calling these 2021 rides our N1 Challenge: We are each an experiment of one and our experience can provide lessons for all.

Forum and Library Members can follow us on our journeys as we highlight the training, nutrition, skills, and gear it takes to tackle such events. Just keep an eye on “The Fast Talk Laboratories N1 Challenge” topic over in the Races, Rides, Runs Forum Category. There we will share articles, videos, workshops, and podcasts on what it takes to take on a big event.

We encourage you to take the N1 Challenge!

Join us here in the Fast Talk Podcast Forum and make your commitment to your N1 Challenge.

Reply to this post to tell us your N1 Challenge, your goal race or ride for 2021, and how you’ll get there! And let us know how we can help.

Chris Case, Trevor Connor, Ryan Kohler, Jana Martin, and the Fast Talk Laboratories Team

OK, I will bite on this one. I will be 65 yo next week and weigh 205lbs (6 ft tall) so I am no long climb climber but not bad on punchy stuff. So with knowledge that I suck as a climber I have my eye on the Cheaha Challenge in Alabama on May 16th as in the 84 miler with 7289 feet of climbing. While they have a 100 mile with 9400 feet of climbing (rides like that I have done before), 84 miles will kick my ass just fine. Have already done two rides two weekends in a row I call Goatdale in Birmingham, the last one being two weeks ago of 62 miles and 5000 feet up some of the longer climbs with double digit pitches in town (4000 feet the first 30 miles).


@bawihair, how did your Cheaha Challenge go?

I didn’t really have a N1 challenge for 2021 until I won the Haute Route golden ticket contest to the 2021 Haute Route Alps. In most years I would just target single-day events and TTs, but now I suddenly have to find the legs to make it through 7 days with 800km/500mi and 21000M+ / 66000ft elevation… On the flip side, climbing that much will really help with my goal challenge of 11.2mi +3300ft in October :smiley: