Leaky gut in endurance athletes

Hi all, lately I’ve been reading more about leaky gut syndrome in endurance athletes. This means temporary intestinal permeability directly caused by a hard-effort endurance training session or race, as opposed to a chronic condition unrelated to endurance exercise. This in turn can cause temporary GI problems, but it seems that it also may cause more serious health conditions over decades of riding. This has implications for what we can do to protect our gut before, during and after high intensity rides. Because no we’re not gonna stop riding! But maybe we can take protective measures.

I would love for FastTalkLabs to have a podcast on this, with expert interviews. I’m also wondering if there are any experts who can post here on this topic. Here is one study I read, to get things started: Is There an Exercise-Intensity Threshold Capable of Avoiding the Leaky Gut?

Thanks a lot,