Ironman Training

Q. What key sessions would be best to add to a very aerobic base with goal of 90km (56mile) & 180km (112mile) Time Trial (triathlon)?

Sorry if this type of question asking for training plan help is not cool, feel free to delete and I’ll contact you elsewhere :slight_smile:

Otherwise, I’m happy for feedback from all members!

I’m here foreknowledge, and ideas and advice on training for Ironman, and becoming the best cyclist I’ve ever been. I am ‘pro’, but with no sponsors I’m working as a health and performance coach, but can step up the training hours where I need to.

My goal is 270w average for Ironman. I did this roughly 10 years ago (and had the third fastest bike leg, and won the race, in Kona). I’m now 40, but smarter and ‘healthier’.

I have recently done 10 week base building leading into an Ironman (a month ago) - it was a disaster. I could rarely train above 240 watts (mostly rode around 180-200w) due to fatigue in legs from running, lack of riding for years leading up to this build, and not putting importance on HIT and those adaptations.

  • If I’d raced conservative and to power I would have been ok, but I was in the lead swim pack and pushed myself following them on the bike, I lasted 50km then crawled and suffered for the rest of the race.
    This was an awesome lesson, and I have turned that failure into motivation to learn more about what went ‘wrong’.

So I have good aerobic base, I’m well fat adapted, but have done zero HIT or HIIT work. I’ve backed off the running and I’m now able to hit higher watts and I’m now doing gym strength work 2-3 days per week.

I need ideas on an 8 week basic schedule to follow leading into a 70.3. (Then I have roughly 11 weeks to an Ironman I need to peak for).

I have excellent ‘awareness’ and ‘feel’ for my zones, my fatigue levels, and understanding of the basics. I have power data on Kickr, and Assioma pedals.

Also happy to hear ideas on specific numbers for efforts, or percentages HR:watts etc.)

So my question…
What key weekly sessions would be best to add to a very aerobic base?

My thoughts for a repeatable weekly structure. ( and don’t pay much attention to swim/run schedule when offering ideas - I do more if I can, less if I can’t).

monday -
swim & gym & jog

RIDE 60-90mins Z2 + 20 x 30/30’s or a local group ride with similar efforts but over 35mins.
PM jog


RIDE 60-90mins Z2 + 5 x 5mins


RIDE LSD + ? ? Add any efforts?

RIDE LSD + ? ? Hill reps low cadence??
PM Long jog.

thanks heaps