How to set up a multiple races training plan during the season

Hi, my name is Ariel. I’m from Argentina (sorry for my English). I´m coach of a small group of amateur triathletes (including me). As well we are few, we try to apply the latest training concepts looking for the best performance.

In that sense, I had a question rounding my head since some time ago…How to set the training plan for amateur triathletes that have several races during the season…

I. e., our season starts on end of October and finish on April…during that time I have several athletes that are racing sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman triathlon…as well we summarize races as A, B and C, For B and C competitions I don’t change the training plan (only some easy days before) but now, we are facing a Half Ironman at middle of December and other one on April…

What do you think that I should plan the trainings in between these races.

For additional information, since last weeks we were focusing our trainings in specific race demands as trainings in Zone 3 (Tempo) and transitions looking for the best addpatation for the race.

Thank you in advance.