At the end of your latest pod, no. 47 Failures in Cycling, which I listened to today, you asked for feedback, Colby, in order to decide whether it’s worth to continue.

It’s now April 17th, that pod is 3 days old, and I’m a little shocked that my comment seems to be the first or maybe only the second one answering to this request. (Maybe you should consider an easier way to engage with you than through this forum? Just sayin’)

I understand that you’re time challenged - who isn’t who’s successful and passionate in what he’s doing and then also tries to ride a bike a few times per week? - and I’d therefore certainly not like the idea that you continue investing precious time into those pods if only a very few listeners care enough to react to your request for feedback. As much as I believe what you already said quite a few times that you’re also recording those because it helps you to focus your thoughts and interprete your experiences that’s maybe not enough motivation to continue if you doubt that anyone cares.

I would like you to know that I absolutely do. I’ve subscribed to quite a few very different podcasts, and when I’m in the mood to listen to one while building wheels or doing other silent stuff in my workshop or during some late night hike through the Black Forest yours is always the first one that I check for a new episode. I would really miss your exceptionally elaborated and thorough thoughts and musings about anything remotely cycling- or rather life-related if you decide to stop doing those.

I was hooked by the first episode last summer, during which you only introduced your listeners to what you were planning to do, and there were only a very few of those 47 episodes that I have not listened to completely.

You deliver a lot of food for thoughts through those pods, and I’d say your ability as a podcaster is very high. Especially as you’re often doing those alone which probably makes it more challenging to keep your audience paying attention, I guess.

So, yeah mission accomplished so far. At least as far as I’m concerned.

Thank you so much, Colby!


Let me second that. I really enjoy the podcast. I really do like the ones where Colby may think he may lose listeners. There are some episodes that are not for me…but I do listen because there is something I do use.


I’ll raise @bgraham second to a third.

I have held off on offerng input/feedback/comments while I pondered what I would write. I am an engineer and tend to think very linearly. Also, while my communication skills are pretty good for an “engineer,” they are mediocre at best. For instance, my thesis advisor in college told my girlfriend (now wife) that my draft I handed in for his review read like a Japanese technical manual translated into English. Direct quote," All of the information seems to be there; but, it is all over the place! Would you please help Jeff and edit it for him?"

In a similar fashion to @hstorkebaumm, I subscribe to a variety of podcasts. I always save Cycling in Alignment, and Fasttalk for that matter, for when I’m walking the dog by myself, gardening, cooking, etc. I regularly find myself mentally drifting off about something else and when I return have to rewind so that I can continue to follow along.

As for topics, so far @colbypearce has managed to deliver something relating to whatever question I have been pondering before I manage to ask about it. For instance, @colbypearce’s dissertation on pedaling got me thinking about saddles and within a couple of weeks out come the saddle podcast. I think my most helpful suggestion so far would be with regard to doing a primer video of rollers.

If an effort to end my babbling, I very much do enjoy your podcast. Your perspective is VERY unique, more holistic, than the other cycling based podcasts I subscribe to. While I like hearing about training and getting “nerd bombs,” I also enjoy listening to perspectives and interpretations that are more “right brained” than just the nuts and bolts of cycling and training. I also understand (at least conceptually) the amount of effort required to produce an episode. There is certainly a cost-benefit analysis portion to your decision.

See, I just translated another tech manual! :crazy_face:



I’m 57 years old, lifelong athlete/scientist/student.

I have listened to all of Cycling in Alignment and your previous Fast Talk episodes. Everytime you talk you add value to me, to the sport and to life perspectives.

Thank you sir and keep the important messages coming please!!


Thank you so much for listening! This is why I do it.


Morning @colbypearce

My name is Anthony Tomasello. Im 31 and I’ve been a daily rider since 2012 and an aspiring randonneur/racer since 2015. I don’t have any questions yet. Just positive feedback. I had to let you and the other seekers of alignment know that the advice you gave in episode 46 about getting off the bike and doing mobility work is the best cycling advice I’ve ever received.

I am suffering from many of the hip, feet and general mobility problems that you’ve described in several of your episodes. I’m crooked in the saddle. I walk crookedly, and swim crookedly. It’s depressed me, just completely deflated my spirit.

I’ve driven myself crazy micro-adjusting my saddle position from ride to ride. I’ve seen multiple fitters and tried shims and orthotics. To no avail. It had occurred to me that I needed to stop riding for a little bit and work on my body, that no amount adjusting was going to make a difference. But I’ve been too stubborn, and I just did not want to stop riding. I train on the bike. I commute on the bike, do my grocery shopping by bike. I even ride through my building to get to my office, right up to the elevator. I would never walk if I could help it.

Anywho, your show gave me the push I needed to give the bike a rest. For the last few weeks I’ve been a walking man. Walking is so much more peaceful, even though I feel like a turtle. I had lost my sense of how stressful riding is. The traffic, the noise, the speed, the death potential.

I’m doing foot and core work too, and trying to belly breathe (I’m one of those too whose constantly tightening the abs). It’s already paying off. I’m Slowly but perceptibly straightening out, and I feel much less anxious in general.

Thanks Colby! I love your show.


Hi @colbypearce,

Much as the others I really appreciate your podcasts, I’ve provided you feedback on some of them before and you’ve been gracious enough to answer and engage which I’m grateful for. As others have said there are other interesting podcasts out there (I listen to fasttalk), but your’s is something completely different. For instance you’ve really made me think about how I sit on a bike - previously I would just bumble along with horrible posture, now I’m trying to straighten out, use my glutes, breathe(!), not grimace when it gets hard etc etc. All from your and your guests’ input. You’ve reminded me of the need to look up and enjoy the places where I ride, to think about what I eat, I’ve bought a new (SMP) saddle and rollers too.

If I’m honest you’re occassionally a bit ‘woo woo’ for me, but you are aware of it and it’s a small price to pay for your insight and enthusiam :smiley: In summary I would really miss your podcast and all the insights you bring, you have a unique voice in the sport (afaik no noe else is doing anything like this).

Long may you podcast continue! (And thanks again for everything you’ve done to date, regardless of what you decide).


@colbypearce, I think you have a pretty resounding answer. You bring a unique and very valuable voice to the cycling world and people definitely want to hear it!


Thank you everyone for your thoughtful and honest feedback, I really appreciate it. It is very rewarding to hear that people learn from my thoughts and philosophies, even if I get lost in the weeds at times.


Hey Colby. Avid listener here. Your deep dives are so deep I get the bends! You peel the onion like nobody else and I enjoy the deep dives and have learned so much since you have started Cycling in Alignment podcasts (BTW your logo would look good on a t-shirt). Some of my favorite topics among many are how to pedal a bike (sounds so simple but really isn’t), the shoe podcast, saddle podcast and the podcast on fascia was a real eye opener. Now sometimes the podcast gets more granola than my personal views but then learning someone else’s view on some topics is a good exercise in being exposed to a different view. You are doing great work which is very much appreciated. I would be truly bummed if this podcast were to cease. Consider me a fan.

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Hi Colby, I listen to a lot of podcasts and I have to say that there is something unique and special about yours. Thank you for all of the work that you put into it. Mark Rando


Just chiming in with the CIA (No not those guys) appreciation. At a certain point delving deeper into the rabbit hole of cycling gives diminishing returns. Your thoughts expand my circle of focus and knowledge, and have helped me make steps to be a more well-rounded athlete and human.

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@colbypearce Forgot to do this part like Colby asked.

@colbypearce - LOVE the podcast. I find great value in your opinions and experiences. I hope you decide to continue producing.

This week I listened to podcast # 47 failures in cycling. I happened to be on my way to work, feeling a little grumpy about my upcoming day. PERSPECTIVE!!! Another instance where I say thank you for sharing your experiences. It didn’t take me long to find myself in a good mood.

I - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, all the above comments.

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I’ve been working my way through cycling in alignment from back to front the last couple of months so haven’t gotten to this episode yet. I’ll be honest, I had a bit of a tough time following along at first because of the … Spiritual side of the podcast… But now I’ve come to realize that this is probably the type of feedback I need. I’m into cycling / triathlon for my mental and physical health… So If I can’t figure out how to make this sustainable… Then I’ll be out of THE THING that keeps me sane.

TLDR; falsttalk makes me fast, cycling in alignment may help me to stay fast year after year.

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Colby - I just want to drop you a few lines of gratitude to you for sharing your wisdom. I’m into my fifth decade of cycling and appreciate information you provide that extends cycling longevity, enjoyment, and overall health. I’ve purchased four SMP saddles (road, trainer, ebike, gravel); not for the MTB yet since I bounce around on that one. Also purchased a book on breathing and moved cleats back on all the cycling shoes based on your podcasts. The result has been less back ache, more power, and more enjoyment as I continue to learn and adopt strategies to balance aging and health. Thank you for your insights and guidance.


Dear @colbypearce and fellow listeners,

First of all I would like to apologise for any grammatical or orthographic error I make since English is not my first language. I am from Barcelona, Spain and have been an enthusiastic cyclist for the past 3 years (Not much compared with the rest of the listeners).

I’ve been juggling work in the hospitality buisness, a personal life and a pandemic with my cycling obsession. Also I’ve been recently blessed with the birth of my 2 month daughter!

The mere name of your podcast has always called my attention and have been a faithful listener since the beginning. I must confess I first heard Cycling in Alignment when it first came out in the middle of the lock down and I though:
" I like it but, what the hell is this??"
I think I would define it as Illuminating and entertaining. I’ve been waiting for next episode with expectation ever since!

Although I don’t agree with everything in the podcasts I feel very connected to you and most of your philosophies and take all your recommendations into account when I have to make a decision on my training, gear purchase or even personal life.

I have struggled with all types of tendinopathies, probably from not distributing load properly since I am a time crunched athlete. Thanks to your podcast I now not only execute but enjoy plyometric exercises, eccentric exercises, single leg squats, bridges, core exercises, sagittal plane exercises and shoulder stability exercises. This has also blended very well with family activities which I cherish so much.

My diet and sleeping hygiene is way better than a few years ago although I have always been well advised by my wife. You and your guests have brought concepts we have never heard of before which have been great for conversation and are in line with what we have been doing.

I could go on and on but I think you get the point. Your podcast and Fast Talk have had a great impact on how I interact with the world.

Thank you for everything!

P.S. I have always felt compelled to send an email since I felt like the energy of the podcasts are always focused towards my direction and the energy never bounces back. When ever the episodes end I have always felt like giving my view but I never came across saying anything. I am glad this forum exists now!


Thank you @toniboada for your comments and feedback, I think your english is great. I have spent a lot of time in Girona and also had the pleasure of visiting Barcelona, what a beautiful city. “What the hell is this?” is making me laugh - and also giving me a deep smile because this is exactly the reaction I hope for in my work, to help people think about things in a different way and see from a different view point. We don’t always need to agree but seeing all sides is the best way to truly understand a complex subject.


Thank you @Jenner! Any time we have a recognition of our grumpiness and are able to move into a happy place, this is good :slight_smile:

Yes! Keep 'em coming! 1st podcast I check each day.