Episode #54: Applying the polarized training

Good morning Trevor. Hope you are doing well sir.

First, thanks for doing these podcasts. They are by far the best, with your awesome straight to the point easy to digest guests. Chris, keeping you guys on track and keeping things moving and yourself with all the experience and data side. It doesn’t get any better.
My question from this episode so far: when talking with Dr. Seiler and talking about aerobic vs anaerobic and the zones, you say something about, riding along and breathing through your nose. I do not remember if it was when you were talking about the 3 types of muscle and when they are recruited or somewhere near there. Should I be trying to breathe through my nose (both inhale and exhale) while riding /training?

Thanks a ton Trevor for all you and your team does.


HI @shumphreysjr, sorry for the slow reply. You caught me the day before I left on a pretty packed three week trip. I"m including @steveneal in this message. I’d love to give you an answer on this, but breathing techniques is not my area of expertise and Steve is at the cutting edge of it. I’m sure he’ll be able to give you a much better answer than me!

Really glad to hear you’re enjoying the show! That means a lot.