Episode 217 related - Breath restriction devices?

I’ve been trying to update myself on some of the more recent research on breathing / respiratory restriction devices and am interested to hear if anyone has some relevant studies they could direct me to?

We had a trainer in our studio ask if we could partner with someone who is manufacturing a variable restriction device, and before making any decisions I wanted to refresh myself on the research.

From my recollection, past studies have shown little to no benefit of the devices. However, I wonder if Dr. Cheung or others have found a benefit from the devices strengthening the inspiratory muscles and contributing to greater respiratory control and efficiency.

Thanks for any leads!

Was discussed in this podcast: ‎The Real Science of Sport Podcast: How To Breathe Better! on Apple Podcasts. I was surprised to hear the interviewee say it is a legit thing

Hello @ThermalDoc will be the person for the studies for sure.

Regarding actual devices:

Idiag P100 - this is the best, most advance device on the market and always my first choice. You are able to train all aspects of respiration, endurance, strength/power, coordination - either separtely or together. Also being able to combine all of the above. So you can set volume, respiration rate, add load to inspiration or expiration or neither.

Airfit - Inspiratory / Expiratory device - excellent for beginners or people not willing to spend the money on the Idiag. Endurance and coordination under correct load is limited.

Using the airofit will help improve the respiration system for sure, however being able to improve the respiration system near threshold and above will require the P100 due to volumes and respiraiton rates required to match or exceed the loads as being compared to the sport being trained for.

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