Episode 211: What should a maintenance session look like?

I really enjoy episodes with Dr. Rønnestad and have listened to this one a few times. This last listen I picked up on Dr. Rønnestad emphasizing the maintenance session. Funny thing is I’ve been thinking I need to do some kind of maintenance workout but not sure what’s the best way to go about it. I typically (almost always) ride in the very early morning and on Mondays and Wednesdays I will do interval sessions followed by strength training session in evening, Tuesday will be an active recovery ride. I get about 12 to 13 hours of separation between my morning cycling session and my evening weight training session. I’ve been doing zone 2 riding Thursday and Friday at ~1.5 hours per session and then I’m in a good position to be rested enough for a long ride on Saturday (Sunday is rest). I was thinking it is best to do a maintenance workout on Friday evenings. Currently, I do 3 sets of 4 to 10 reps (one month high next month low rep range) including upper body workout along with the legs since I’m not concerned about my chest, back and arms slowing me down (they’re not blown up anyway). It ends up being 8 exercises total a bench press, single leg squats or split squats, shoulder press, single leg deadlifts, planks, bent over rows, side planks, and upright rows (after the last good listen to this episode, I’m currently thinking of getting one or two leg exercises in and taking out an upper body, maybe replace up right row with kettlebell swings). I’ve been doing this for a year with slight mix ups to the routine and recover well at this point. So all this to ask is the Friday maintenance session a good idea and what should that maintenance session workout look like?

Hi Ryan,

Sorry for the short reply. Overall, I think you’re heading in a good direction! Friday is a good day to do the routine because it’s not important your legs be fresh for Saturday’s long ride. I also agree that if you’re focus is cycling, replacing an upper body workout with one or two more legs workouts is a good idea. Something I love is lunge walks. They’ll leave you sore after the first time you do them, but they’re great for the legs!