Episode #15: Should you eat gummy bears

Afternoon guys,

This episode is awesome. From explaining the different sugars to off the shelf items in the local store vs gels/mix to training and osmolality.

As I am trying to dial in my own 4 -5 hr on the bike fueling/nutrition and in large part because of this episode, I am now really paying more attention to what’s on the labels of my mix, my gels, and anything else I ingest before, during, and after my race.

Something that has me wondering is, with my current hydration/fuel mix (Infinit) and used to be TailWinds, under the listing of Total Carbohydrate I see two things per serving. Dietary fiber as a % and grams, and Sugars in grams. It does not give a % how much is Glucose or Sucrose or Fructose. Over to the side of the label I see Maltodextrin, Natural Cane Sugar, Whey protein, sea salt, citric acid, Dextrose, magnesium, gluconate, L-Leucine, Potassium Chloride, Calcium lactate, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Soy Lectin, and Natural flavors.

No where do I see Glucose this %, Maltodextrin this %, or any of the sugars broke out.

From the episode, it says as little fructose as possible or at least that’s what Dr. Stacy Sims said and I believe Trevor said maybe a ratio of 3:1 G to F. How can I tell what’s in my sugars or what’s the ratio?

I see Maltodextrin in everything.

Thanks guys


These come from almost 10 years old knowledge so be warned:

As a general rule of thumb honey and all more or less natural sugars (HFCS included) generally come in 50% ratio of fructose. There is little variation between these, some might be 60-40 or 40-60. Even high fructose corn syrup is like that, despite the name. Then things like maltodextrin is 100% glucose.

I don’t know if it’s universal system, but here in northern europe ingridients have to be listed on order of quantity, so biggest part is maltodextrin (100% glucose) and next is cane sugar (50% fructose). That might give close to 1:4 ratio of fructose. Or it might be less than that.

But my knowledge is old and probably rusty at this point. I just mix sugar into my maltodextrin and call it a day.

The ingredients list from highest volume to lowest is a worldwide standard, but I’m not sure if it’s regulated in all countries. I’m in the southern hemisphere and it’s law here, in much the same way as it is in Europe. I’ve worked for a very large multinational confectionery company, so I know enough to know it applies to every country they manufacture in (except China).