Ep 323: Do All Athletes Need Regular Blood Testing?

While not a specific blood test I wanted to share my story around having AFib. AFib isn’t a disease, it’s a symptom. For me, mine was a symptom of living life too intensely (work, personal, sports). I shared some background in the link below…

But the thing I wanted to relate to this episode is this: my doctor’s didn’t ask one thing about my lifestyle factors including exercise… They just wanted to go right to an ablation (freeze parts of the heart to prevent future occurrences)… But if you look at my intensity chart, you’ll see I was doing 20/80 (20% easy, 80% hard)… With changes to my exercise and diet (tons of sugar and alcohol → little), I resolved the issue. When I told my heart doc at the latest checkup he was shocked. Goes to show you… Doctors don’t always know what’s best

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