Ep 318: Get the Most Out of Your Performance with Mental Strength Techniques

NEW EPISODE OUT TODAY (318): Dr. Brian Zuleger explains how to effectively apply mental strength techniques to your performance. Hosts @gholicky and @trevor host a really meaningful conversation with Dr. Zuleger… check it out!

You might be working out your quads just fine, but what about your mind?

This episode has a great combination of theory and application… give it a listen and walk away with some concrete visualization tips, an audit on how you attain goals, and how a specific shift in self-talk can make a world of a difference.

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My question to you is - which of the techniques mentioned do you think will have the biggest ROI for you, or, for your athlete?

I also really liked reading through this forum thread from 2020 that includes different perspectives on how to improve mental skills - scroll down for some inspiring stories on small efforts that can change the culture of sport over time (hint: all it takes is a small gesture)… :smiling_face: