DIY Lactate Readings

Just a quick question:
I have to take my own lactate readings during a lactate test and can’t keep pedalling whilst taking the blood and was wondering how long you’ve got to take the sample before the reading becomes unrepresentative of the intensity of the step?

For testing purposes or looking at intervals;

I would try to take lactate after stopping within 30-60s and be consistent with your sessions, so within that range a time that you can manage to repeat over time.


Another day for fun you could try and see what your lactate response is over time. Pick a given intensity just below LT2, take a lactate at the beginning of the interval, ride at the intensity for 10 minutes, take a lactate when you stop and every minute after until it stops increasing.

This may look like the following;

start lactate 3.1

end lactate 4.2

difference 1.1

duration 600s

rate of lactate accumulation

1.1 / 600 = .0018 mmol / second

1.1 / 10 = .11 mmol / minute

This is also a good way to get away from using the absolute numbers of lactate to see how your lactate response is changing relative to intensity.

Another example is during a step test, the maximal lactate taken at the end of the test, isn’t actually the lactate relative to that test that I would normally record. At the end of a step test, take a lactate every minute until you see the decline, the max lactate of these readings is what I would record for reference.