Cadence on 4x8 Intervals

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to build my cadence to the mid 90s from around 80. This is no problem on Z2 rides and I’ve been able to hold a mid 90s cadence on my slow long rides. I’ve started to mix a couple of 4x8 sessions into my training and I notice that I’ll need to drop my cadence into the 80s by the end of the second interval to keep my heart rate below threshold. Should I be dropping my power to keep my cadence up and heart rate below threshold or just not worry about my cadence too much when doing 4x8 interval sessions?

**Just rewatched the video on this over lunch and noticed Trevor say to do a 100 rpm cadence in base and 90 in season. I feel like I would have to drop my power a lot to hold 100 rpm at threshold heart rate though, perhaps that’s what I need to work on though.

Thanks in advance for any advice on this,
Ryan G

I’m curious what coaches suggest, but if you’re concerned with HR relative to threshold HR, rather than lower cadence, you could lower the power?

Before that though, I’d want to be sure that zones are correct, both power and threshold. How were each determined? Do long threshold intervals feel sustainable or are you really struggling at the end?

Then personally I’d use RPE (solid/hard but doable for all intervals, and you should be able to do more if you’re only riding at threshold in those 4x8m) with power as a guide (within range), and self-selected cadence (for me normally 90 to 95 if flat, 80 to 85 on a hill). I wouldn’t worry too much about HR being a bit above ‘threshold HR’ if RPE and breathing are in check, but would more keep an eye on how it compares to ‘usual” for that RPE and power… and if it feels too hard I’d drop power and maintain cadence, rather than the other way around