Best strategy to train for corners

What would you suggest as a training strategy?

In long track speed skating, the power demand in corners is much higher than for the straight lines, assuming a constant speed. The data below indicates the power demand required to complete a single lap at ‘pro-level speed’.

(the calculation does not include the static load resulting from the ‘skating position’)

What strategy would you employ to train for the corners?

I could think of:

  1. volume, volume, volume: as this will support the ability to clear lactate and increase the aerobic capacity (less demand on anaerobic)
  2. strength training (single leg squats ): the more capacity you have, the lower the percentage use during skating

I think Colby talked about how he trained for this in his hour record attempt episode… not sure how applicable that is in speed skating though?

Thanks for the tip. I listened to this episode. Mr. Pierce talks about the G-forces in the corner and the strain on his body, that he choose a lighter gear to reach a higher RPM. It was interesting to hear.
But, with him sitting on a saddle he is not experience the big increase in strain in the corners, except from the added rolling resistance. So my question still stands.

Just to clarify as I don’t think I understand the exact question: Is this training question specifically for a <30s effort (looking at the calculations you posted) or more generally training for long track skating with a focus on improving power on the corners over longer time periods?

Intended as a general question to improve repeatability of high power output.