Back from illness

Hello everybody, I have a dilemma concerning my planning in the next 8 weeks. I worked really hard this winter with a great program combining strenght training and cycling. I would like to think that I was in a good shape in march but then I had back to back virus (thank you daycare :wink:) and I couldn’t train properly for 3-4 weeks. In march We focused on pretty much all systems to get me ready for race season.

Considering my next race is in 8 weeks, what approach would you use with me?

I was planning on doing 2 strenght training session a week, 3 onbike training.

What I planned this week was the now famous trevor’s 5x5 and a long endurance ride. After that I was thinking of doing 1 time per week the 5x5 and doing one vo2 workout per week and a long endurance ride (seilers zone 1). I will of course add recovery weeks and sprinkle some spinups and a bit of sprint.

well, when I think about it should I keep doing the 5x5 for longer if I am not happy with how I feel around FTP but would I loose the v02?

Thank you and sorry for my english!

p.s. FastTalk is the BEST!!!

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