Athletica Workout Reserve in Real Time

For coaches/athletes keen on leveraging cutting-edge methodologies to enhance athletic performance, we believe that the introduction of Athletica’s Workout Reserve (WR) represents a pivotal advancement. This innovative concept, rooted in simplicity yet profound in application, offers a fresh perspective on gauging and optimizing an athlete’s training/racing potential. Developed through the expertise of Dr Andrea Zignoli, the WR model simplifies the complex interplay of physiological factors into a singular, comprehensible metric. By quantifying the “gas left in the tank,” WR provides a dynamic measure of an athlete’s remaining capacity relative to their past performances (green line in figure).

The essence of the Workout Reserve lies in its ability to merge historical data with current performance, thus offering a snapshot of an athlete’s training reserve. By analyzing rolling averages of power or speed from recent training sessions, the WR algorithm predicts the fluctuating potential of an athlete’s performance across various durations and intensities.

And now, through collaboration with the great @Phil, we’ve taken a monumental leap forward by integrating the WR feature directly onto Garmin devices so that this metric can be viewed by the athlete in real-time. By comparing current efforts with historical performance data, the Athletica WR app for Garmin offers a dynamic, real-time display of an athlete’s remaining capacity. This feature not only empowers athletes with the knowledge of when to push harder or conserve energy but also revolutionizes training and racing strategies.

Huge thanks to @Phil for his tireless work to enable this feature. Look forward to hearing your thoughts about it in the future. You can download the latest version to your Garmin device here.


Is the data written in to the FIT file, for viewing in or WKO5?
Or is it only viewable in the Athletica app?

Yes, it records the second by second Workout Reserve data, as well as summary data into the fit file. You will need to be an Athletica subscriber to use as it needs your workout reserve profile, calculated from your history on the servers. But the actual output of real time workout reserve can be seen in any platform that can read Garmin activity FIT files


Thanks for the response Phil.