Announcing Solutions & Services


Fast Talk Labs is pleased to announce new coaching, testing, and sports nutrition services. Now our coaches and experts can help you discover new speed and gain insight into your training.

Our new Solutions & Services provide you with the same cutting-edge testing and guidance that is available to professional athletes at national performance centers:

Free-of-charge Solutions Consultation
Coaching Help Session
INSCYD Testing & Analysis + Training Approach
Sports Nutrition Baseline or Race-Day Plan
Skills Coaching & Clinics
Guided Workouts
In-Person Physiological Testing

Our Solutions & Services are available to you now and will be announced to the public on April 6.

We recommend scheduling services before the public announcement on April 6. Library Members enjoy special member pricing.

Let’s make you fast.

-Chris, Trevor, Ryan, and the Fast Talk Laboratories Team


From my experience, you will be hard-pressed to find a more encouraging and detail-oriented coach than @ryan to go over your INSCYD testing results. The data generated from a physiological test like INSCYD can be overwhelming, but Ryan does a great job of pointing out the key markers in the test results. If you’re like me you’ll have many questions about the scale, the ranges, and the significance of each of the metrics you get back from a test like this.

I know some other members have been getting their INSCYD tests scheduled with Ryan. Would love to hear how that experience has gone for you. Good luck with your tests!

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I dig this! I enjoy the challenge of self-coaching but what I’ve been looking for is someone to bounce ideas off and help me interpret my progress. I am sure this will be appealing to many fast talkers!


Sounds great. I’m going to sign up for a coaching solutions session. I was coached for 5 months last year (PCG) but stopped for $ reasons and have self coached since then. It would be very helpful to get some professional feedback on my current plan.


I did a debriefing on my INSCYD test results with @ryan yesterday, and I have to say that it’s totally worth it! I’m definitely planning a check-in mid season!


I did the Inscyd test with Ryan a couple weeks back. A friend decided to join me virtually on Zwifts so I gave him one of my four tests. The info we got from the tests and the feedback from Ryan was fantastic. My friend and I do a yearly hill climb and usually finish within seconds of each other… But I’m 6’9" ~200lbs, he’s 6’2" ~160lbs. What we found from Inscyd showed that we both need to train very different to get the results we want… But one thing that was surprising was how much easier our easy should be than what we’ve been doing.

It’s been hard to be motivated when all our races have been cancelled, but we can always push ourselves up a hill… we’ve been close to doing this 11.2mi 3600ft climb in under an hour for years now… Now I’m highly motivated again because I think we have the right info to finally cross that hour threshold ~4w/kg.

Thanks Ryan and the fast talk team for all your fantastic info and great services!