Fast Talk Labs Offers INSCYD Testing


Members, we are excited to announce that Fast Talk Laboratories is now offering INSCYD testing!

INSCYD offers you lab-grade test results wherever you are, without going to a lab. INSCYD is a fitness test you can do anywhere in the world, indoors or outside, with a power meter, smart trainer, heart rate monitor, or GPS-enabled sport watch.

Your INSCYD test results will reveal fascinating details about your current fitness, your metabolic profile, and how to maximize your training. Working with our Head Coach and Physiologist Ryan Kohler (@ryan), your INSCYD test will yield lab-grade results for your VO2max, VLamax, anaerobic threshold, FatMax, CarbMax, your strengths and weaknesses, and your ranking against your peer group.

See Ryan Kohler’s brief INSCYD explainer video.

See what members are saying about Fast Talk Labs INSCYD testing and their analysis meeting with Coach Ryan.

Used extensively by professional athletes and WorldTour cycling teams, INSCYD test results have been validated for accuracy against laboratory testing.

Fast Talk Labs offers Base Testing and Advanced Testing in single tests or multi-packs to non-members and at special member pricing for Library Members. Advanced Testing includes an in-depth interpretation of your results during a personal meeting with our Head Coach and Physiologist Ryan Kohler, plus his recommendations on a training approach based on your results.

See INSCYD Testing for more info and to schedule your test.