3 days free to train big, how to structure

I’m looking for suggestions.

during the holiday or other times of the year it’s easy to get for example friday saturday sunday free to do big training days.

Would you structure these 3 day blocks with intensity on the first two days, or intensity on the first and third day and lighter on the second?

Training for road racing, omniums, TT road race and crit. 20min power is 335

For example this weekend I have planned Friday for 10 Force Stomps and 8 Sprints total of 4hrs
Saturday 5-6hrs with 4x14min climb at 55rpm at sweet spot
Sunday 3-4hrs Z2 only

Last week I had a 3 day block friday,sat,sun and had a breakthrough workout on saturday and was tired and sore as hell on sunday but executed all according to plan
Friday was 4hrs with 5x12min at 55rpm at 295w-305w and 8 sprints after during Z2 riding
Saturday was Zone 2 with 12x2min high rpm 115-130rpm at Z2,3 then 2x60min at sweet spot 295w and 305w avg respectively 5.5hrs total
Sunday 3hrs Z2.

Taking off today, tuesday, easy wednesday, high rpm thursday and do another 3 day block.

The club I belong to, as well as a few other clubs in the area, like to do LSD rides on long weekends. Especially this time of year as it’s the transition from Spring racing to Summer racing. Provisional (State) Champs is mid January and National Champs usually in February.

The past weekend was a Thursday holiday, a day’s leave and then the weekend. One club did 500Km in 3 days (Sunday was wet).

My club has done 3 easy rides (200-250Km), skipping Sunday too. This coming weekend is the start of the Rapha500, and fits in perfectly during the Build1 block; 600Km over 25 hours in the 8 days. Lots of Z1 (3Z) rides.

Other long weekends through the year will be setup based on the calendar of events, and which mesocycle they are in. Almost all of them will be endurance rides though. Boring? Possibly, but everyone enjoys riding.