10-week training plan for marathon nationals

The marathon nationals are in my area this year and I want to be at my best. I was hoping to get some advice as I’m building out a 10-week plan. I’ve been competing in 90-minute cross country races since April. Would be really cool to get a few different perspectives with respect to the type of workouts and mileage/hours!!!

@steven.shive, that’s exciting! I heard that is a pretty difficult course. If you’re familiar with the course, you can probably start tailoring some of your existing workouts to the increased volume and specific terrain needs. It sounds like with a lot of 90-min XC races under your belt so far this season you probably have good technique developed, and it’s a matter of working on specific training loads, nutrition, and other components for this longer distance.

I hope you get some good additional perspectives, and also want to recommend Coach @steveneal to potentially consult with for more in-depth guidance with our Coach Help or Data Analysis Sessions.

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Thanks for the feedback, Ryan! I’d be interested in consulting with @steveneal to get his perspective. I will reach out.

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Hello @steven.shive … not to sound like a broken record but raising the tempo capabilities will likely be the answer here, unless you are going to be on the very pointy end…and even then they will be important, but some top end will also be necessary.