What's inside between Inscyd... Tests?

I took my Inscyd test about two months ago and I’ve noticed some significant improvements since then. Last weekend I hit an all time 20min power of 359w (unrested) + 30min @356w vs. my rested Inscyd 10min of @372 and an FTP of 304.

Obviously my FTP has improved, but the way Inscyd zones are structured I’m not clear how I would scale those in-between my last Inscyd test and my next. Should I just scale everything up as a percentage of my FTP increase (~10%)?

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Hey @smashsquatch, nice progress since your last test! Chris, Trevor, and I just did our follow-up INSCYD test today. I saw a ~10% increase in threshold power, and that was reflected pretty close to my zones for AT. The lower end was around 8% higher, and the target was 10% if that helps. The lower zones (base in particular) was around 5% higher with that increase in AT.

I hope that helps. We probably won’t have an exact answer since INSCYD takes all 4 trials to establish those zones, but if you go between 5-10% I think it will get you pretty close. And this lines up with what I’ve seen over the years coaching in terms of expected improvements.