What's Coming: Week of Nov 30, 2020

Hello, Fast Talk Laboratories members!

Here’s a preview of new content and events coming this week to fasttalklabs.com.

Fast Talk podcast episode #140 on Thursday: How to Set Goals

Cycling in Alignment podcast episode #29 on Tuesday: Daniel Holloway & Surviving the Six Days of European Track Cycling
Daniel Holloway is a professional track cyclist who races for Texas Roadhouse and is a 20x U.S. National Champion, a Pan Am Games gold medalist, and a member of the U.S. National Long team for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. Colby met Daniel when he was a junior racing on the track, sometime around 2004. Years later, when Colby had the opportunity to race some of the European six days, he needed a partner and Daniel ended up being the man for the job. He was one of the youngest riders in the field at our first Six Day in Dortmund, and Colby was one of the older riders in the peloton. These are some of their stories.

Introduction to Polarized Training
Dr. Stephen Seiler introduces polarized training during this in-studio podcast with FLO Cycling.

Colby Pearce Shows How to Pedal a Bike
In this upcoming Technique Video, the Cycling in Alignment host, coach, and bike fit specialist explores the mechanics and technique of pedaling. Also listen for a corresponding Cycling in Alignment podcast episode.

The Benefits of Taking an Offseason article by Trevor Connor

Strength Workout Video from Coach Jess Elliott

Cold Weather and Breathing Implications
Workshop from Dr. Stephen Cheung, environmental physiologist and Canadian cyclist

Create a Race-Day Sports Nutrition Plan
This recording of the November 30th live webinar will be available for Live Members. In this first of a four-part series on sports nutrition, Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor show how to create a race-day nutrition plan for events like daylong mountain bike races, gravel rides, gran fondos, and road races. Kohler and Connor begin the series with the basics of periodized sports nutrition and then proceed to determining specific nutrition needs for race day.

Structured Workout Baseline Testing / MAP Test on Zwift + Zoom
Tuesday, 12/1 12:00-1:15pm Mountain
Using Zwift, we will execute a test workout to establish our training zones/ranges. We will do a ramp test using a standard MAP (Maximal Aerobic Power) protocol: We will start at a very low intensity and gradually increase the power every minute until exhaustion. The goal is to establish our highest 1-minute maximal power. Every second counts! After the ride, we’ll use your data to estimate your threshold power and training zones/ranges. These updated training zones can guide your initial training blocks of the season. Live Members can register for Live Events at fasttalklabs.com/live.

Chris Case Zwift Debut Group Ride!
Wednesday, 12/2 11:00am-12:15pm Mountain
Join us in heckling Fast Talk podcast cohost Chris Case as he makes his debut ride on Zwift. This will be a social, group ride following a recovery workout formula, but don’t worry; it’ll be pretty entertaining as Chris points out stuff on Zwift that “wouldn’t happen in real life!”. Expect Trevor to exact a little vengeance for all of Chris’s needling about Canada. On Zwift, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Live Members can register for Live Events at fasttalklabs.com/live.