What's Coming: Week of Nov 23, 2020

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Here’s a quick preview of what’s coming the week of November 23rd.

Cycling in Alignment Episode #28

Fast Talk Episode #139

The Fundamentals of Sports Nutrition
Ryan Kohler
Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are the fuels that power human performance and recovery. And water is a critical piece of the puzzle.

Strength and Speed Workouts for Runners
For distance runners unable to do high-intensity aerobic intervals, Dr. Stephen Seiler suggests adding strength and speed work.

Why Can’t I Go as Fast When It’s Cold?
Dr. Stephen Cheung explores the physiological effects cold temperatures have on the body while training. Understand the ways that temperature affects your ability to perform, and finally, learn what you can do to combat these effects as an endurance athlete.

Coach’s Corner: Power and Cadence Analysis of Climbing Intervals
Coach Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor analyze climbing intervals at threshold, focusing on the importance of cadence and pace.

Live Event Kickoff!
Live Members, pleaser register now for our first full week of Structured Workouts, Zwift Group Rides, and our first Live Q&A. Registration is open now at fasttalklabs.com/live.

Tuesdays: Structured Live Workouts
Our next Structured Live Workout is scheduled for Tuesday, November 24th from 12:00-1:15 p.m. Mountain Time. Join Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Coach Trevor Connor for a structured workout. During this workout, you will be guided through an introductory session where we’ll share guidance on how to execute next week’s baseline test workout. This test will generate your off-season training ranges that can be used in upcoming workouts with the Fast Talk Labs team.

Wednesdays: Zwift Meetup Group Rides with Zoom Q&A
Our next Zwift Live Group Ride with Zoom Q&A is scheduled for Wednesday, November 25th from 9:00-10:15 a.m. Mountain Time.