What's Coming: Week of March 15, 2021

Happy post-time change! We hope you enjoyed a lovely Pi Day.

Here’s what is in store for members this week.


Join the Fast Talk Labs N1 Challenge.

Fast Talk Episode 155: Nerd Lab!

Cycling in Alignment Episode 43: Gerry Gerlich


Our CEO and Cofounder Trevor Connor Reveals His N1 Challenge

Our Head Coach Ryan Kohler Reveals His N1 Challenge.

How to Plan Your Base Season
We discuss the nuances of base season planning, from the appropriate intensity distribution to the time it takes to produce gains from both aerobic and anaerobic work, and much more.

What Does It Take to Train for Paris-Roubaix?
Dr. Seiler Explores.

How to Find Trends in Your Data Using Heart Rate and Power
Workshop by Trevor Connor and Ryan Kohler

Strength Training on the Bike
Workshop by Dr. Stephen Cheung

And in case you missed these from last week…

Fast Talk Episode 154: The Art and Science of Time Trials, with Kristin Armstrong and Jim Miller
We break down every aspect of the time trial: part performance art and part crucible for athletic and scientific experimentation.

Cycling in Alignment Episode 42: Supplement Responsibly
If you decide to take supplements as an athlete, you need to understand as much as you can about healthy eating and your body. Supplement responsibly!

How to Diagnose “Spring Knee” and Other Common Knee Injuries, with Dr. Andy Pruitt
Sports medicine guru Dr. Andy Pruitt presents the science and symptoms of the most common knee injuries in cyclists.

Demystifying Your Blood Profile
Dr. Andy Pruitt
A blood profile can help athletes track progress and diagnose issues—but they need to know what to look for and work with a physician to interpret the data. This article will help to demystify your blood profile.

Load, Stress, Strain: Understanding the Difference Can Make You Fitter and Faster
Dr. Stephen Seiler demystifies training scores and metrics, giving athletes a clear definition of the fundamental principles of sport science.