What's Coming: Week of March 1, 2021

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It’s a big week! Enjoy what’s in store for you:


Fast Talk Episode 153: Forget Marginal Gains and Focus on the Fundamentals

Cycling in Alignment 41: Gluten, Your Life, Your Heart, and Your Immune System


Sweetening the Truth on Hydration
Article by Coach Trevor Connor
Few topics in endurance sports are more misunderstood and draw more ire than hydration and electrolyte sports drinks. Trevor Connor explores the biochemical mechanics to show what happens when we drink salty sports drinks.

Dr. Seiler Answers Five Great Endurance Questions
Workshop by Dr. Stephen Seiler
Dr. Seiler answers five endurance training questions on heart rate, zones, polarized training, rest, and much more.

Q&A on Cross Training, Workout Complexity, and Pre-Race Nutrition
Live Q&A by Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor
Our coaches tackle questions on how running can be used in the base season, recovery for time-crunched athletes, the complexity of workouts, pre-race meal planning, and much more.

Structured Workout: Pre-Race Warm-Up
Coaches Trevor Connor and Ryan Kohler discuss the science of a pre-race warm-up routine and demonstrate how Trevor prepares for time trials.

The Effects of Cold on Our Metabolism
Dr. Stephen Cheung