What's Coming: Week of Jan 4, 2021

Happy New Year, Members!

Here’s a peek at what’s coming this week from Fast Talk Laboratories:

Cycling in Alignment 33: Battling Saddle Sores with Don Powell

Fast Talk Episode 145: Q&A on Time-Crunched Athletes, Zone 1 Rides, and Unstructured Intervals, with Hannah Finchamp
Pro mountain biker and coach Hannah Finchamp helps us field questions on time-crunched training, zone 1, interval design, and more.


The Holy Trinity: How to Monitor Training
Dr. Seiler shares his method for monitoring an athlete’s training volume and intensity.

The Fundamentals of Sports Nutrition: Beyond the Numbers
Article by Head Coach Ryan Kohler

Off-Season Strength Training
Technique Video by Jess Elliott


Why and How to Monitor Athlete Training Loads
Dr. Stephen Seiler speaks at the Aspire Academy on why and how to monitor athlete training loads.

Sweet Spot 5×7 Minute Intervals Workout
Tuesday, 1/5 at noon Mountain Time
Join Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Coach Trevor Connor for this structured workout. Our goal will be to promote aerobic development by putting in some efforts closer to threshold. We will focus on controlling heart rate and managing effort with a focus on breathing and cadence. This workout builds on the previous weeks of tempo and lower cadence riding, but anyone can benefit from this structured workout.

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