What's Coming: Week of Jan 18, 2021

Hello, Fast Talk Laboratories members!

Here is the new stuff that has posted very recently or which will be arriving on fasttalklabs.com this week.



Cycling in Alignment Episode 35: Mountain Bike Fit, Pedal, and Strength with James Wilson
The mountain bike fit conversation continues with coach James Wilson. Clipless pedals, pedal width, and length are debated as well as the all important pedaling technique!

Fast Talk Episode 147: Choose Your Adventure
The Fast Talk team, plus frequent guests, shares their big, scary goal races and rides for 2021. Chris Case aims for the TransAtlantic Way bikepacking race. Trevor Connor aims for the Joe Martin stage race. Our Head Coach Ryan Kohler heads for the hills of the Breck Epic. Producer Jana Martin is gunning for Crooked Gravel. We hear declarations of adventure from Dr. Seiler, Hannah Rae Finchamp, Julie Young, Dr. Stephen Cheung, Jen Sharp, Grant Holicky, Colby Pearce.

Fast Talk Episode 37: Nutrition: Sugar, Wheat, Paleo, and Performance
We discuss what we think is healthy, what foods to eat, and the topics of wheat, nutrient density, and sugar.


The Ideal Coach-Athlete Relationship
Article by Coach Julie Young

One Workout — Many Responses
Workshop by Dr. Stephen Cheung
Dr. Cheung uses Xert software to illustrate how a single workout can impact athletes differently depending on their phenotype.

Zwift Hour of Power: Can a 60-Minute Zwift Race Work as a Test?
Workshop by Dr. Stephen Seiler
Dr. Seiler explores whether a Zwift race of about 60 minutes can be a decent substitute for a 60-minute FTP test.


Structured Workout: 20-Minute FTP Test
Join Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Coach Trevor Connor for a climbing time trial up the infamous Alpe du Zwift during which we’ll execute an FTP test. (See this related Forum post on interpreting 20-Minute FTP Test Results.)

LIVE WEBINAR RECORDING: Teleoanticipation and Pacing with Special Guest Alex Hutchinson
Endurance sports journalist Alex Hutchinson joins us for a guided Q&A discussion on teleoanticipation, which is the interaction between effort and expectation. When you know what’s coming, how do you pace? What happens if someone moves the finish line? We explore aspects of mental toughness, training your brain, and the relationship between body and mind.

STRUCTURED WORKOUT RECORDING: Over/Unders Structured Workout
This workout will build aerobic capacity while improving movement economy. The overall ride intensity will be moderate, but we’ll include some “over” surges to work on changing cadence closer to threshold. “Under” periods will shoot for a high tempo and low sweet spot intensity. We’ll work on smooth pedaling throughout but especially during typical climbing cadences.