What's Coming: Week of Jan 11, 2021

Good day, Fast Talk Laboratories Members!

Here’s what lies in store for you this week.

Fast Talk Episode 146: Cardiac Drift, with Dr. Ed Coyle

Cycling in Alignment 34: The Iceman Scott Moninger: Heirarchy of the Peloton
Over 275 career wins. Pro with Coors Light. NBC Sports Network analyst. Some have called Moninger the greatest American cyclist to never have ridden the Tour de France. As Trevor said when he heard that Colby would talk with Moninger, “Oh, THIS ought to be interesting!” Don’t miss it.

We have an odd thing occurring this week, perhaps a little like an unusual alignment of planets. When we migrated podcast platforms over the summer, two episodes got left behind! An eagle-eyed listener (owl-eared listener?) noticed it first, and now we’re fixing it. We’re making sure fasttalklabs.com and our podcast feeds are comprehensive by republishing those two missing episodes, which means Fast Talk podcast subscribers will see episodes 31 and 37 show up as “new” episodes, even they originally aired a few years back.

But they may be worth a revisit: both are surprisingly timely!

Fast Talk Episode 31: How to Avoid Illness (Or Just Cope With It)
Illness can jeopardize important races or even entire seasons. We address how to better understand illness, how to avoid it, and ways to cope if you do get sick.

Fast Talk Episode 37: Nutrition: Sugar, Wheat, Paleo, and Performance
We discuss what we think is healthy, what foods to eat, we’ll take on the topics of wheat, nutrient density, and sugar.


What Metrics Tell Us – and When to Ignore Them
Article by Trevor Connor
“We’re going tempo, buddy!” That’s what the pros yelled at anyone who tried to pick up the pace during the Cascade Cycling Classic’s first big climb. A friend of mine complained later that everyone was riding hard, based on his power numbers. But the climb felt easy to me. When are metrics reliable? And when should we ignore them?

One Workout, Many Responses
Dr. Stephen Cheung offers this Workshop that will help athletes determine their “athlete type”, including their muscle fiber composition. Dr. Cheung will use XERT software and other training data analysis software concepts like the Power Duration Curve.

Coaching Tips: Assessing 60-90-Minute Power
Coach Trevor Connor and Head Coach Ryan Kohler offer a Workshop that builds on the training concepts introduced in How to to Determine FTP from a 20-Minute Power Test.

Strength and Conditioning: Full-Body Off-Season Exercises
Strength Workout by Jess Elliott
Strength and conditioning coach Jess Elliott walks through a multi-planar approach to strength to build stability, efficiency, and resilience.


Sports Nutrition Basics Webinar: Metrics for Race Day
As a case study, Head Coach Ryan Kohler explores a research paper he published about race-day nutrition for the Leadville Trail 100 MTB.

Aerobic Conditioning: Sweet Spot Bursts
Live Structured Workout Recording by Ryan Kohler and Chris Case
Control heart rate and manage your effort with a focus on breathing and cadence. This workout builds on the previous weeks of tempo and lower cadence riding.

Q&A on Max Heart Rate, Time-Crunched Recovery, TSS, and Protein
Live Q&A Recording with Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor
Ryan and Trevor field questions on max heart rate, TSS, recovery in athletes who only train 8-10 hours per week, protein consumption during ultra-endurance events, and more.

Why and How to Monitor Athlete Training Loads
Dr. Stephen Seiler speaks at the Aspire Academy on why and how to monitor athlete training loads.