What's Coming: Week of Feb 22, 2021

Hello, Fast Talk Labs members!

Here is what we have coming for you this week.


Fast Talk Episode 152: How to Effectively Modify Your Training and Racing as You Age, with Rebecca Rusch

Cycling in Alignment Episode 40 // Climbing Mountains and Orbiting Planets: Reframing Your Mentality Around Season Planning

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How to Analyze the Power Duration Curve
Workshop by Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor

Whiskey is for Drinking. Water is for fighting.
Article by Trevor Connor
Few topics in endurance sports are more misunderstood and draw more ire than hydration and electrolyte sports drinks. Trevor explores the biochemical mechanics to show what happens when we drink salty sports drinks.

The Myth of Cramping
Article by Coach Trevor Connor
Dehydration? Electrolyte imbalance? Heat? None of these actually causes cramping, according to new theories. Coach Trevor Connor takes a closer look.


Wprime, Critical Power, 6-minute Power, and Variable Intensity Races
In this video, Dr. Seiler thinks out loud—with math—to explore how critical power and variable intensity races might connect in practice.

Q&A Session
Coaches Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor field member questions from the Forum, recently podcast episodes, and emailed into us.

Structured Workout: Trevor’s TT Opener
This week’s live workout will be more of a technique and educational focus where we will highlight the science of “openers” and go through a routine that Trevor would do to prepare for time trial events.

Webinar on Planning & Routine with Coach Grant Holicky
Monday, March 1 at 4:00pm Mountain Time
Join Ryan Kohler, Trevor Connor, and Coach Grant Holicky for a Webinar on planning and routines. This event will be open to all Library Members.