What's Coming: Week of Feb 15, 2021

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Dang, it is COLD here in the U.S.! Check out all our cold weather-related guides, stories, and content.

Here is what we have in the icebox for you this week.


Fast Talk Episode 151: Q&A on Power Zones, Sweat Rate, Temperature, Altitude, FTP Testing, and Fasted Training with Lindsay Golich

Cycling in Alignment Episode 39: Greg Choat


Cramping Your Style
Article by Trevor Connor
Race long enough and you’ll cramp! For Trevor, it was a race in the Texas heat. “I had made the winning move of three riders and was starting to salivate over the $4,000 prize waiting at the finish line. But that desire quickly gave way to an even greater desire – to pull into the grass, tear my shoes off, and scream for a while.” So what causes cramping? Age, fitness, heat and humidity, salty sweating, spinal conditions, other predisposing conditions?

Indoor Cycling and Heat Management with Dr. Stephen Cheung
Workshop by Dr. Stephen Cheung

How to Improve Maximal Force Production on the Bike
Workshop with Ryan Kohler
Coach Ryan Kohler demonstrates ways to train maximal force production, or torque, on the bike.


Polarized Training: Ordinary Workouts Done Extraordinarily Well
Webinar with Dr. Stephen Seiler and Trevor Connor
Trevor and Dr. Seiler discuss polarized training, intensity distribution, and endurance in this webinar with CKO Sprint.

Structured Workout: Short Intervals
Led by Head Coach Ryan Kohler
This Short Intervals workout is one of Coach Ryan’s favorites: it’s boring, straightforwrad, and hard! Enjoy 4-minute intervals at 90-95% maximum HR with 3 minutes rest between. This workout will lay the groundwork for future high-intensity rides that improve our oxygen transport, lactate tolerance, and cycling performance.

The North Star: Setting Goals to Give You Direction with Will Murray
Many athletes benefit from having clear, concrete goals to add structure and purpose to their training program. In this session we identify what makes a useful set of goals, how to develop them, the psychology of goals and some traps to avoid in setting and pursuing goals. Be prepared to walk away with your own useful set of goals in this interactive session. Will Murray is a USA Triathlon Certified Coach and co-author with Craig Howie of The Four Pillars of Triathlon: Vital Mental Conditioning for Endurance Athletes.


Structured Workout: Short Intervals
Tuesday, February 16 at 9:00am Mountain Time
You don’t need to be on Zwift to join us for this workout! These are meant to be “on/off” style intervals where you go hard for the 40 second “on” periods, and as easy as possible for the 20 second “off” periods. Expect to spend a significant portion of your time at 85% or greater of maximum HR as we aim to push our top end power and cardiovascular adaptations.

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